Cooch’s Wadda Bomb is a finely tuned arkey style flippin and pitchin jig.  The head design on the Wadda Jig is slightly tweeked and was heavily tested on Delta rip rap to insure that all Wadda Jig’s come through rock very easily.  The weedguard placement was also heavily tested to insure the ultimate weedless presentation.  All Cooch’s Wadda Bombs are hand tied and feature Mustad Ultrapoint 60Deg 5/0 Flippin hooks.

The Cooch’s Wadda Bomb is a “mop jig” style jig featuring extra long Round Living Rubber which creates incredible movement in the water.  The Cooch’s Wadda Bomb is a very versatile bait.  You can flip, pitch or swim this jig very effectively.  The design of the head allow it to go through weeds perfectly.
If you’re looking for the ultimate weedless and snagfree Arkey Head jig in a big package, Cooch’s Wadda Bomb is it!