Statement: As a full time guide on the California Delta it is so important to have my clients using the best products available on the market to help make there day “a day to remember”. When a client hooks up with the fish of a lifetime, the last thing I want to see is them lose that fish because of the equipment or baits that I supplied them with. With TnT Wadda Jigs, I have the utmost confidence in the ability of the product to withstand the abuse of fishing heavy cover with short line techniques like flipping and pitching.

The new football head jigs are also a work of art. With a perfect 60 degree super sharp and strong Mustad Ultra Point hook, they come through cover like rock and wood so much easier than other brands using a 30 or 90 degree hook. This means less money spent on baits, and more time fishing than retying. The football head jigs use a specially designed thinner weed-guard for better hook ups, as well as a thinner skirt material for more action in open water with very little movement of the bait.

One of the best things about the quality of TnT Jigs is you get what you pay for. Whatever model TnT bait you choose, they all come hand tied using the best round rubber, silicon, or combination of both. And come in proven colors that have been field tested, tweaked, or trashed, before they hit the shelves. So, when you buy a TnT bait, you know right off the bat, that you are buying a bait that works! I have been fishing and guiding professionally now for almost 25 years, and this is by far, the best jigs I have ever used. Pick some up and try them out, or better yet, book a trip at and see for yourself just how good these baits really are.”

- Fishing professionally for almost 25 years now.
- Over 100 tournament wins from the club level to professional tournaments.
- Full time guide on the California Delta and Motherlode Lakes for over 10 years
- Shares fishing experiences through seminars he gives at local tackle shops, clubs, schools, and outdoor shows.
- Published outdoor writer for publications like BassWest USA, BassMasters Magazine, BASS Times, ESPN Outdoors, California – Sportsman,,, and

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